Kiato, Municipality of Sikyonion


290 sq.m.


Under Construction



The architectural study values the plot’s special data according to the specific functional needs of the family that will inhabit the residence, by prioritizing ergonomics, functionality and the right space orientation.

The principal spaces are developed on the ground floor level in a P-shaped form towards the south side of the plot, creating a sheltered hidden courtyard where the garden and swimming pool are created. The sides towards the neighboring properties and the street are more closed, with small openings, while the house “opens up” and embraces the inner courtyard through large windows on its inner side. The facades are broken up and differentiated by the use of natural materials and color shades. The goal is to create a living space with plenty of natural light which integrates in the best possible way in the Greek climate and Greek natural landscape.


Lead Architect: Maria Anthopoulou

Design Team: Maria Anthopoulou, Maria Koutsari

3d Visualisation: Vasilis Simeonidis

Construction Manager: Ioannis Papadopoulos

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