Kotroni, Municipality of Patras


270 sq.m. + basement of 150 sq.m.


Under construction



This is a two-story detached house with basement and swimming pool. The right placement of the building on the plot played a key role in its composition, so that it has the best possible view and the maximum possible privacy. The principal spaces are freely developed on the ground floor in a single rectangular volume and through the central staircase, which is a dominant element in the space, one is led to the bedrooms on the first floor.

Special importance has been given to the morphology of the building. The building is treated as a prominent sculpture and not as individual sides. Thus, there is continuity between the sides, which are characterized by architectural recesses and sides which protrude. The receding surfaces of the building are principally colored gray, while the protruding surfaces are colored white. In this way, a game of volumes and two colors is created. The sides towards the unblocked view are characterized by large openings, while the sides towards the neighboring properties have smaller or no openings at all.

Lead Architect: Maria Anthopoulou

3d Visualisation: Vasilis Simeonidis

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