Βραχναίϊκα, Πάτρα


135 sq.m.





The engineers’ intention is to create a new and modern gas station that doesn’t follow the standard volume of relevant buildings and tries to cancel the identification of gas station concept with a simple metal box. The building and canopy are therefore perceived as one body, which is presented as a prominent sculpture. The sides cease to be isolated and each side of the building affects the other. The canopies are dressed in white and embrace the building, which is receding and painted grey. This is how shading and semi-outdoor areas start to be used. The building is airy and there is access to both the front and back side through openings. The dominant element of the composition is the large white canopy which it remains a canopy, but also it turns into a building. In this way, the aesthetic requirements regarding the composition of volumes, the sides and visible parts of the building in general are met, which upgrades its wider residential environment. It’s a metal structure with built-in sections and external thermal facade.


Lead Architect: Maria Anthopoulou

Construction Manager: Ioannis Papadopoulos

Construction Team: Ioannis Papadopoulos, Miltos Zotos

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