78, Ermou str., Patras


2,400 sq.m.





The reconstruction of the existing six-storey building in the historical center of Patras is realized in such way that the new building becomes a new landmark of the area and gives a new breath to the city. The historic building, which was for years the city’s central clinic, is now being transformed into the city’s new metropolitan college, a gathering place for future scientists. Therefore, the aim of the architectural design is to modernize the new building internally and externally and to be at the same time a starting point for the regeneration of the wider area.

Flowing lines, linear continuities and volumetric transformations characterize the interior design, inspiring the freshness of an innovative young person. The proposal includes the formation of floors in such a way as to satisfy the needs of the faculty. On the ground floor there is the reception area for students and visitors, on the first three floors there are the faculty’s classrooms and laboratories, while on the last three floors there are the auditorium, the library, some classrooms and the administration’s offices. The auxiliary spaces, the canteen and the courtyard-atrium are located in the basement.

Natural materials are chosen, which are friendly to the environment and the aim is to introduce the natural element both in the outside and inside of the building. Wood and hanging gardens form the central idea, symbolizing an era where turning to nature is essential. The application of wooden blinds on the facade enhances the bioclimatic behavior of the building and at the same time it creates a boundary, a second shell that surrounds and protects it.


Lead Architect: Maria Anthopoulou

Design Team: Maria Anthopoulou, Stella Kosteletou

Construction Manager: Ioannis Papadopoulos

Construction Team: Ioannis Papadopoulos, Miltos Zotos

Photographer: Marianna Bisti

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